Podcasts by the numbers

To help advertisers better understand our audience, Midroll conducted a survey across listeners of 106* of our podcasts, to find out who they are and what they're buying.

* And 45 more shows have been added to the Midroll roster since this survey ended!

TL;DR: Podcast Advertising Works.

of Midroll listeners say they bought a product or service after hearing it advertised on a podcast.

The Method

Midroll's hosts were upfront with their listeners, asking them to visit the survey site and plainly explaining what the survey was for. The response was overwhelming.




We got an amazing response from listeners of these shows (and others):

15,259 responses

13,983 responses

8,896 responses

Why you care:

Podcast ads work. Here's why:

The Results

We're sharing the results from every Midroll show below, but Midroll advertisers have access to our industry–first web application that lets you mine this data yourself, finding shows that match the demographics to best fit your campaign.

Attractive demographics

of podcast listeners are in the most desirable demographic (ages 18–34 for those keeping track at home).

Public radio: 12.5%

Talk radio: 17%

Terrestrial radio: 30.2%

Podcast listeners are highly educated

of Podcast Listeners

Have a Bachelor's Degree

(or higher!)

Neil Degrasse Tyson


Number of famous astrophysicists hosting Midroll podcasts


Neil Degrasse Tyson
Host of StarTalk Radio

Podcasts listeners have disposable income

20% of podcast listeners have household incomes of $100,000+

62% of podcast listeners have incomes of $50,000 or more

Listening habits

Listening everywhere

Podcasts are inherently mobile friendly. More than half our listeners consume podcasts on iPhones, more than any other device. (Since folks listen to podcast on multiple devices, the total here is more than 100%.)






Podcasts reach people in alternative locations: commuting, at work, doing chores.

Buying habits

Podcast listeners have disposable income. Here's how they like to use it.


More than half of listeners spend $30 or more on movie tickets, video games and streaming services every month.

< $10








Electronics and gadgets

Almost half of podcast listeners spend more than $360 a year on electronics and gadgets (>$30 per month).

< $10








Number of times "iPhone 6" was said on a Midroll podcast



Podcast listeners like to dine out! 53% spend $50 or more each month.

< $10










Natural Audience Segments

Clothing and fashion

40% of these shows' listeners spend $50 or more a month on clothing and fashion ($600 a year).

The Read
The Combat Jack Podcast
Slate's Double X Gabfest

Food and nutrition

The majority of listeners to these shows spend at least $150 a month on food and nutrition ($1,800 a year).

The Jillian Michaels Show
Boing Boing's You Are Not So Smart
Decode DC
The World of Phil Hendrie


At least half of these listeners spend at least $10 a month on apps ($120 a year).

Turning This Car Around

These are the droids you're looking for

Affluent audiences

More than 1/3 of listeners to these shows have incomes over $100,000 a year.

iMore Show
Decode DC
The Macworld Podcast
Improve Photography

Educated women

More than half these shows' listeners are women with college degrees.

The Mental Illness Happy Hour
The Savage Lovecast
Spilled Milk
The Unmistakable Creative

With our library of high quality podcasts* and audience insights, Midroll can help you target the shows that perfectly match your ideal demographic.

* In fact, Midroll shows make up 20% of the iTunes top 100 podcasts.


Podcast listeners are smart. They're engaged. They're appointment listeners — they choose what to listen to carefully, and they pay close attention. They understand that sponsorships make great content possible, and they actively buy brands and products that support their favorite shows.

Thanks to Midroll's extensive portfolio of top-quality shows, coupled with our deep audience analytics, we can match great brands to great podcasts. That's why advertisers keep getting great results, and why 98 percent of our podcast advertisers become repeat buyers.

Nature Box
USA Network
Cards Against Humanity

You don't have to listen to us

Listen to the advertisers

"Podcast advertising works for us, and Midroll helps us maximize our return on investment. They help us find great podcasts for our campaigns and make our ads work."

Ilyas Frenkel Squarespace

"We choose hosts who know our products and shows with audiences we'd like to reach... Yes, we have positive ROI from our podcast sponsorships."

Greg Scown Smile

"With podcasts you largely know exactly who you are appealing to—you know the audience of a certain podcast. Podcasts are the only place where we advertise."

Bryan DeLuca Foot Cardigan

Now that you're convinced, contact us to book your podcast advertising campaign today. We have advertisers spending $1.5M and advertisers spending $10k – we're happy to work within your budget.

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